Boost up converter + nRF24L01

I know this is a really basic question but I just want to be sure :smiley:

So I want to power up a arduini mini and a nRF24L01 using a 3.7 LiIon battery
ofc I can't do that so that's why I'm thinking to buy a 0.9v ~ 5v 600mA boost up converter

I'm gonna take this, unsolder the usb and use some wires to boost up the 3.7v battery to 5v for arduino
and thru a 3.3v regulator for the nRF, what do you think it's a good idea or not?


Why not just use a 3.3V Promini at 8 MHz, which is what the nrf24L01+ needs for power also?

In one of my latest project I used a small power bank (bought at chinese shop for 5 euro), I open it, removed the 2 USB ports and put some wire for feeding my arduino and a 5V regulator for recharge (main supply of the project is 24V). For the nRF module I would go with separate 3.3 regulator, I have limited experience with that, but I notice for some quick test that if is supplied by es. the 3.3V of arduino nano the performance are poor, lost packet and longer time trip, and a great enhancement when connected to the 5V with a couple of diode for voltage drop.

Ciao, Ale.

I want to make a mini project wireless, as small as possible and I'm planning to use a
arduini mini, a small nRF24 and a phone battery 3.7v, but I want to power up my arduino at 5v
and use a separate 3.3v regulator for the nRF24 so for that as you can understand I need a boost up
converter for the battery to get the voltage at 5v for the arduino.


Why do you think your Arduino needs 5volt.
A 5volt Arduino works perfectly on a fully charged LiPo battery.
Only when the battery voltage drops below ~3.8volt, it becomes "Russian Roulette".
Read post#1 from CrossRoads again.