boosting my smoke alarm

Hi all, currently i have a smoke sensor connected to a arduino mini and a piezo buzzer. When the sensor senses smoke the buzzer starts to beep. I was thinking to replace my pizeo buzzer with something with a little more punch like this one. Yet i have no idea on how to connect this to an arduino (never worked with relays & stuff like that) or how to code it so it acts the same as the piezo only much louder.
Are there any example sketches or schematics to help me on track for this? Many thanks everyone !!

A simple npn transistor should do the job but you may also need an external power source, Maybe a stack of 4 aaa batteries (with the -ve connected to the arduino GND)

Arduino output pin -- 120 ohm resistor -- base of transistor. Emitter of transistor goes to GND Collector of transistor goes to -ve of siren. +ve of siren goes to + of your external power source.

You can use a MOSFET like this. You have to use a 12v supply for the alarm, no idea what you use for the Arduino.

septillion: You have to use a 12v supply for the alarm,

Except where further down the page it specifies: "Rated voltage: 6VDC". :astonished:

Hmz, currently system is connected to a 9v battery, maybe that's enough then