Boosting the NRF24l01 module with a Amplifier?

hello i was wondering i i got one of them 2.4g wireless amplifier like this one would it boost the range of the NRF24L01 module with the external antenna on it? if so can someone please let me know i have not seen anyone done this yet.

The NRF24L01 modules that are available with an antenna are claimed to have a range of around 1000 meters. We have some but have not tested them yet so can't comment.

I am not sure about connecting one of those amplifiers to one though. If 1000 meters is far enough, I would just buy an NRF24L01 with an antenna it would be much cheaper.

hello ChilliTronix i have tested some nrf24 modules with internal antenna on them and line of sight i got 220ft. Mind you the antenna was 10 floors high in a apartment complex in my building i live on the 10th ft. I have not tested them on the ground yet line of sight i just only recently got the ones with the external antenna that has the Rf booster on the pcb board i haven't had to much testing with them yet because one of the antenna was broken and i don't have another wifi antenna available for it. however i did test the good one with the external antenna and one with the internal antenna and in doors i got up to 100ft or a little more i forgot and out doors same range 10th fl out the window to ground i got over 3350ft line of sight. So it was a great test. I just order more 2.4g antenna. but what I'm wondering if the 2.4g booster amplifier they use on wifi to boost the signal to go longer range in theory would that same booster amplifier work on these 2.4g rf modules? that is my next test i know i would need a better antenna to really test it. Well that's it for now i will keep posted update on this subject what i test to let everyone know.

I would be surprised if you did need it... but if you want to play you would need 2 of them I presume.

day after tomorrow my new antenna's come in with the 2.4g booster amplifier 2w lets hope it works.

Well, with 2 watts you could get some range. With the right sized tin can you could get a mile maybe 2 or 3. (Line of sight)

i order a 9dbi antenna patch antenna 2 of them for point to point from me to my family house.

I would be interested to know how you get on.

well lets see how it goes i hope so too it goes too. hope it can work out Stay tune.

Okay i tried my booster the one on the 2.4g booster and i didn't have a male to male sma connector. so i solder a coax wire that came off the old router that was connected to the 2.4g antennas. i got some range from it half of a block with buildings in the way but that's all one thing i did notice is that the rf24 module is warm enough to where i can only touch it for 10 seconds before i rally feel it. not sure why not sure if its the booster trying to pull the data to the long range or its receiving data from the booster i don't know. Can someone tell me why this why is the rf module getting warm?

i'm gonna try same setup nrf24l01+pa+lna module with 2 watt wifi booster. let's see....what range i'll get.

josephchrzempiec… shield your rf24 module …the heating issue may be due to RF heating of electronic components.

Take a look at Terry King's nrf modules with gain boost: Radio module with amp, and antenna

ChilliTronix: if you want to play you would need 2 of them I presume.

Interesting point. If you only increase transmitter power, then "you" can be heard better at the other end, but you cannot hear the other end any better until and unless they use a similar transmitter power increase. It may or may not be possible to provide a lower-noise receiver pre-amp as well.

The advantage of antenna gain is that it enhances both transmit and receive performance - and to the same extent.

Would heating problem be related to/caused by Standing Wave Reflection due to a transmission line miss-match?

First you should check your local laws and regulations.. Its possible your little link is illegal after adding amplifier to it. People monitoring these things usually have no sense of humor when they find out you are braking the rules and they need to write you big fat fine for it...

Second, better antenna is usually better solution if you need more range... Helps both receive and transmit.