Boot clone

Has anybody tried using the bootcloner, described in the Playground, for the mega168? It apparently was written for the mega8 and supposedly contains the wrong bootloader. I would like to burn the bootloader into new chips, but I do not have an ISP programmer. The bootcloner seems to be a convinent way to do it, but I do not know how to extract the hex code for the bootloader so I am stuck.

Help please?


I've managed to get it working, using the external hardware as described on the bootcloner page, but with a new sketch, specific to the 168.

I'll try to get the code tidied up and posted later on, and update the Bootcloner page with my notes (because it currently contains a bunch of wildly inaccurate guesses about the 168).

Right, because it gets really tricky if Atmel changes a register location or part of one.

How does bootclone know?