Boot Cloner


I’ve tried to make a boot cloner like this one …

… but it doesn’t work well and I don’t know why. It starts with the green led (idle) … I push the start button … and it turns inmediately to red (problem). It only stays yellow (working) while I’m pressing the start button.

I’ve tested all the conections in the prototyping board and the are no short-circuit. The conections are like in the schematic.

Can anybody help me?

Here are you are some photos:

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Have you monitored the serial output while it runs? As I recall the stock boot cloner had some helpful status messages as it progressed.

Ok. I’ll try it this evening.



I never tried the boot-cloner.
But is it possible to use it with a Atmega8L target chip (as I can see on pictures) ?



Sorry, I’m not an expert … which are the differences between different models?.

I have some ATmega8 of different models … ATmega8L-8PU, ATmega8L-8PC, ATmega8-16PI, ATmega8-16PU … depending on the shop I’ve bought it.

I’ve read the atmega8 datasheet and I can’t see the difference. Only the operating range (temperature).

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The mega8L can run at lower voltages (down to 2.7V) but can only run at maximum 8MHz. The mega8 runs up to 16MHz but requires 5V.

The other part number variations indicate commercial vs. industrial temperature ranges, Pb vs. RoHS parts, and different packages (DIP, TQFP, QFN).

Check the data sheet for the whole story.


Ok … :slight_smile:

The crystal in my boot cloner is of 16 MHz !!!. :frowning:

I will try with another atmega8 models.

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Hi again,

It doesn’t work with an ATmega8-16PI, neither with an ATmega8-16PU.

This is the error in the serial monitor:

Program Enable ERROR (result 1)
Program Enable ERROR (result 1)

Any idea??

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Based on those errors you’re seeing, the target AVR isn’t responding.

Ensure that the MISO/MOSI/CLK/RESET pins are connected according to the schematic.
Make sure the chip isn’t plugged in backwards - that happens to me alot.
After checking those, I’d recommend removing the shield you made, removing the avr from it and testing the contacts between the chip socket pins and the wires (other pins) that plug into the arduino. (there could be a bad trace, maybe?)

Clearly though, the start button and LEDs are working, so it must be either a typo in the software (or a different Arduino IDE version) or a wire connection issue. I wrote the code with arduino 0005 for windows.