"boot" issue with OLED display

I have bought one of these cheap I2C OLED displays on Aliexpress. Just 4 wires, SDA, SCL and Power.
It works pretty well but I have a strange issue when I power the Arduino up.
Sometimes, the display does not seem to "boot". I mean that the Arduino sketch is running, but nothing is displayed.
After a reset, or pluging/unpluging the programmer, the display starts to work.

I am using U8Glib with the included examples.

One of "these" cheap displays?

This model :

(sorry, English is not my mother language)

Nobody ?

Yes, I have one. It works fine with U8g2lib or Adafruit_SSD1306.

Which library example are you using?

In an ideal world you would have a hardware reset pin. But you should be able to reset the I2C bus from an unknown state. And reset the SSD1306 with software (via the I2C interface)