Bootloaded chip not working

I bought a bootloaded chip from a legit local store today and i thought i would be able to upload a sketch to it by simply plugging it into my UNO and uploading as i usually do but that doesn’t work. My regular chip which came with the UNO works fine so the UNO is ok. I have checked that it’s in the right way but can’t really think of anything else that i could have done wrong.

Hope someone can help me.


Check what bootloader they have used! try a few different ones from the IDE.

Do you mean upload a different bootloader? I'm not sure how to check what bootloader it is


It’s not them who installs it. But if i would know which it is. What do i do with that info?

Does the IDE bounce back any error messages resulting from your failed uploading?

I borrowed another UNO from a friend and burned the bootloader myself and it seems to work now. Thank you for the answers