bootloader 2009

I tried changing the bootloader of that came in Optiboot ATmega328P using an Arduino 2009 following the connections shown in the Arduino site. Use the crystal, the two capacitors 18 peaks and a 10k resistor as shown in the diagram. I followed the whole process and tried it in two ATmega 328p, but the fact is that the whole process seems to have been correct. First I loaded the card ArduinoISP arduino sketch, then the connection i after I gave a boot sequence, after selecting the port, the card i arduino as ISP programmer and the result was successful, but when I go to load the HEX file in the circuit that I built, I do it through some files AVRdude and prompt (comand prompt) telling me is not in sync. I guess not loaded the bootloader 2009 and has remained empty. I know of no way to check if the bootloader is loaded on the 2009 chip.
I would appreciate information