Bootloader and Programming issue

Hi guys

I am having real issues with trying to burn a Bootloader and send the program to an ATMega328P - TQFP.

I have made my own circuit with the ATMega328P on it, only realising afterwards that I had bought the MCU without a bootloader.

I have followed the tutorial as it says here:

I have used a 16MHz crystal. I selected Uno as the board type, using a Uno as in the Tutorial to act as the ISP programmer.

When I burnt the Bootloader it appeared to work, no error messages and the Tx/Rx lights were flashing for a while. I can only assume it took the bootload program on my PCB.

Now when I come to program the MCU I only get "no sync" from the IDE. I've even wired the MCU Pins 30 (Rx) and 31 (Tx) into the Uno board Rx and Tx (without a chip in the Uno). Also Pin 29 (Reset) into the Uno Reset.

And yes I have a 0V line.

Does it sound like I have done everything right?

Hi Guys

No worries. Just tried everything again just the same and it has worked.