Bootloader burning hardware?

I have read all of the tutorials about burning the bootloader to a blank micro controller but when I tried today using the ghetto parallel programmer it didn't work. I'm in no rush to get this done as a bunch of my atmega 644p and atmega 328's are in the mail right now.

Now I found one that I think will work but I just want to make sure it will.

And another one which is serial (I would like this one more but only if it works)


Also can these be used to burn sketches so I don't have to use the bootloader?

yes either will work to burn bootloaders and yes ou can use a programmer instead of the bootloader.

you might consider getting a usb programmer instead of either parallel or serial since those are both becoming rare.

I have no special knowledge of it but this caught my eye on the same page

I too would recommend a USB programmer. Either the SparkFun one listed above or from the originator in kit form:

These USB programmers can work from directly inside the Arduino IDE or using AVRDUDE directly via command line mode. They work faster then parallel programmers.


I've been having good luck with this dinky thing...

I haven't used them yet but it includes a TTL serial port and a "SLO-scope".

I saw the usb programmer but I am unsure as to if it will support an atmega 644p chip which is the biggest chip I will be using. Other than that it looks nicer than the parallel programmer.

It does have trouble on other operating systems because its really cheap in comparison with the $60 one from atmel that is cross compatible. I may be writing apps and things on linux so this is important.

So I will probably go with the parallel programmer but only if it the usb programmer cannot do the 644p chips.

The ATAVRISP2 programmer that you linked to works very well. I use it all the time on Linux and Windows and program 168,328 and 644P chips.

The price seems to have gone up quite a bit (maybe it's the weak dollar). I paid $35 about a year ago at Digikey or Mouser. You may want to type the part number into findchips and see if it is less money through a different distributor.

Even at $60 I would still buy it.

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I use the Pocket AVR programmer from Sparkfun for burning the bootloader on atmega168, 328, and 644. So, it works perfectly! The only thing is that you will perhaps have to plug it into an usb hub if you're on a Mac, otherwise perfect and cheap!

I want to try to program the bootloader on a mac (osx10.5, ibookG4)

Is it possible to get one of those usb to parallel cables, and then attach the cheap and cheerful parallel port isp writer from arduino website. (db25 connector and 3 resistors)

Will i then be able to run this with the Arduino IDE.

I am ok if this is slow, since i won't often need to burn the bootloader. thanks doug

P.S. i want to try this partly because i am cheap, and partly because i like using technology in ways it wasn't intended to be used.

Cheap USB option that works straight from the IDE.

Yank Version :

I tried a AVRISP MKII and some other usb programmer. I still fail to get the other one running. My conclusion is that the AVR programmer is the way to go unless price is crucial.

It flashes reliably and it is the standard. That is every tool for the AVRs will know and support it.

And once you figure out that you should use AVR Studio at least once to set the programmer speed to 4 MHz it is really fast as well (will flash 32k below 2 seconds.

Just my 5 cents.

Cheers, Udo

Here is one I've been using for a while and it has worked good for me - cost $11 shipped.

This is a AVRISP mkII clone and seems to work good in Studio4.

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You can use the serial chip on the Arduino to directly program the on board chip or external chips via the bit banging mode.

Do a google search for "Burning the Bootloader without external AVR-Writer"