Bootloader Burning

Hello everyone.

i am not exactly new to the forum, but it's my first post since i got helped by reading so far and couldn't contribute anything helpful yet. But "hi" anyway. :-) Now i got a question that was asked often. It was even answered often but none of the provided solutions could fix my problem.

I like to build a truly minimal configuration to remotely trigger the power button of a mac pro. (Apple has removed power on LAN and everything to boot up the MacPro externally) I tested everything with a Duemilenove and the Ethernetshield and it works nicely. Now i want to minimize the setup so that it can all be mounted in a little device to be fixed at the macpros front.

Now here comes really what my problem is: The Tutorial: doesn't work for me. I ordered some more ATMEGA328p (just like the one on my board) and put them on the breadboard. I connected everything just like in the tutorial (check the image below) but when i try to burn the bootloader all i got in the console is:

Error while burning the bootloader: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0xf0 avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0xf8

I tried everything that people came up with in different threads but can't come around this problem. Maybe someone got another idea how to solve this.

I am running OSX 10.6 if that is of any interest.

Thank you so far.



Oh sorry, also for the bad quality of the images. I don't have a proper camera at hand.

The yellow wire goes from Pin10 at the Duemilenove to the Reset Pin (Pin 1) of the BreadboardChip and the 10K Pullup Resistor. Also as shown in the diagram in the Tutorial and in the comments in ArduinoISP Example i got the MISO, MOSI and SCK connected from Pin 11,12 and 13 to Pins 17,18,19 on the BreadboardChip. I also added the 16MHz Chrystal even for testing although i want to switch to the internal 8Mhz clock later on. (Tested that also with same results)

Here are the pictures:


spycatcher2k: I don't see a reset bypass resistor (110 Ohm from +5v to Reset) is resistor 10K? are caps 22pF? have you tested continuity from chip to chip? have you checked voltage on breadboard? tried a different crystal.

I can answer all with YES. Just to be sure: the bypass resistor need to be attached to the DuemilenoveChip and not on the Breadboard, right?! I now checked three different target Chips. Unfortunately i can't test another Chip on the Duemilenove as i got none which ist Bootloaded. Also tried a different Chrystal and Caps.

Again both (8Mhz and 16Mhz) are not working. Same error: not in synch and protocol error. :-(

Thank you.