Bootloader didn't uploads

I have two Duemilanove boards.
On one of them I got error that board can’t be reachable.
Look like bootloader is dead…

I have ordered USBtiny programmer - dead arduino doesn’t recognizes by it - I’m getting:
avrdude.exe: initialization failed, rc=-1
avrdude.exe: AVR device initialized and ready to accept instructions
avrdude.exe: Device signature = 0x000000
avrdude.exe: Yikes! Invalid device signature.
avrdude.exe: Expected signature for ATMEGA328P is 1E 95 0F

L LED blinks red for a while when I try to upload bootloader.

I have tried to exchange ATMEL chips between dead and good boards - on good board bootloader uploads with no problem.

Could you please advice me what I could check on board to identify problem?