Bootloader does not start

Hi All,

I finished building the barebones version from I programmed the bootloader ATmegaBOOT.hex into ATMega168-20PU using UISP (linux). After programing, I verified the chip and even downloaded (read and save into a file) the hex file.

I connected an LED on Pin13 and ground (checked polarity ok). Board power is fine as power LED lights up.

After hitting reset, the led should blink (once) but it doesn't. So concluded that the bootloader is not running.

What could I be missing?



Did you set the fuses on the chip?

uisp doesn't necessarily work very well with the ATmega168. It's a chip that came out after the latest release of uisp (I believe), so any support for it is a 3rd party patch that seems to be okay for uploading via the bootloader, but might not work for actually burning the bootloader to the board. You might try using avrdude instead. What kind of a hardware programmer were you using?

I did not set the fuses. I just followed the instructions on the bootloader page and the parallel programmer page.

The programmer I'm using is the DAPA illustrated on the parallel programmer page.

Thanks for the info.

What fuses do I need to program? Has anyone had luck with UISP with ATMega168?

I'll try SP12 programmer as AVRDUDE needs much work like wiring a new programmer, installing freebsd, AVRDUDE or experimenting to make AVRDUDE work on Linux.

Any pointers would be appreciated.