Bootloader for ATmega128RFA1

Hi everyone!

I just ported the arduino bootloader to the ATmega128RFA1 ;D

I've done simple tests, and it works well :)

More info in the next post...


If you want a peek, it's available here:

I imported the arduino bootloader repo (r1141, from - hopefully the right place) into my svn, and would appreciate it if some of the devs could look over what ive done and perhaps bring the changes in to your repo!

It wasn't overly complex, but is a great help for what I'm working on at the moment! and while looking to see if anyone had already done this, I found the following site:

I hope others find this useful! Feedback is always appreciated! :)


edit: I forgot to mention, I'm using this: edit2: If you just want to grab the bootloader and run away!... its here:

Hey, thanks for the link! The Zigduino is my project, and I’m planning to get my porting work together and up on GitHub in the next couple of weeks. What version of gcc/libc are you using?

Hey, no worries & nice project!

I’m on Linux (fedora 12) using avr-gcc v4.4.2, and libc v1.6.7

What are you porting?
Are you having issues?

I'm using the most recent version of WinAVR (20100110, using avr gcc 4.3.3 and libc 1.6.7) for compilation, since the default version shipped with the Arduino IDE is too old to support the RFA1 :(. However, the replacement of one with the other does not seem to have too many serious repercussions in my testing, but ISTR there were some issues with global variables on the Mega with some versions of avr-gcc 4.4.x.

Since I intend it as a commercial project, forcing a different compiler version than standard is a non-trivial problem.

As I said, I plan to post ported code up to a GitHub repository in the next couple of weeks. I think I'll probably include an install package that drops the most recent binaries in the right place, at least for Windows. Need to find some non-Windows Arduino folks to help me do the same thing for Mac and Linux.

Hmm... I've not had any issues yet.

After a quick look around there seem to be issues with some of the arduino libraries & arduino mega, but im not using the arduino interface... just plain old C for me! (might explain it)

i would offer to help, but i've not used the arduino interface further than a curious poke... so im probably not going to be much help :( sorry

hope the project goes well! let me know when the boards are for sale and i may scoop one up!

The project is going well -- I'm currently working on putting things together for production. I.e. final layout/silkscreen, test jigs, quote package for assemblers, etc. I'm pretty comfortable with only having full support for Windows to start out with, because it's over 3/4 of my website traffic; Mac and Linux support can lag a bit behind work on RF software and Arduino core porting. If you PM me your email address, I can add you to the announcement list.

Got it up on GitHub:

Not quite ready for prime time – I haven’t written the installation instructions yet. It also contains WinAVR for the Windows users; I need to figure out a better way to support Mac and Linux besides just telling them which versions of avr-gcc and libc to install.