Bootloader from mega to other boards

hi good day im working again with my arduinos but yesterday i come with the surprise that only one, of 4 arduinos, is working i have
1- mega 2560 (working)
1- arduino nano (not working)
2- arduino uno (not working :roll_eyes )
i searched in the web and i came across with some interesting results, some use a 10uf cap but most of them has 1 or 2 things in common
1- for the mega to serve as isp i need to use the pins N° 50,51,52
2- the reset, 5v and gnd pin needs to be used
and in the arduino nano there are some differences betwen tutorials some use the ics port others use the digital and normal pins (as reset, d13, d12 ,d11, d10 etc) as you could imagine i came with the hands empty with all of them my question here is the next:
do you know how to correctly use the arduino mega as isp to bootload my arduino borads (the unos and the nano) thanks in advance

The pins on the ICSP header SCK, MOSI and MISO connect to pins 13, 11 and 12 you can use either pins to bootload and program with ICSP.

alright let me try it.. if something happen i will update the post

maybe only change the setting in Tools menu to 'Old bootloader' for Nano


it worked but just for one arduino uno... i will try it but with uno as isp to load the nano :confused: