Bootloader installation

Hi everybody,

For one project, I design my own PCB with an Atmega 328p and FTDI.

So I followed instruction to implement bootloader in the IC but the thing is after burn the bootloader I have a success but it doesn’t work when I try to program the system…

Do you have any idea ?


Schematic? Full text of any and all errors?

Did you try to use it without a crystal and burn bootloader with a board that does use a crystal selected?

Hello DrAzzy,

For now I have any error for now but when I connect my PCB, the program cannot be transfered.

Attached to this reply, you can find the schematic.

I just tried to implement bootloader on the chip ont the PCB, so I connect some wires on pin 15, 16 and 17 in order to access the SPI. At one moment, I changed the value of fuses from 0x05 to 0xFD (as I see here : Fuses).

At this moment, I can burn the bootloader but it doesn’t work.


Schematic.pdf (216 KB)

It is okay, I tried with the day light my last tried and now it works. I just disconnected everything before power up and program.

Thanks for your help.