Bootloader issues

Hi all,

My Arduino Atmega328 looks like it’s died.Iget get a blank lcd screen and the loader light on the board (L) just constantly flashes and gives the dreaded “avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00” when trying to upload.

I’m assuming the boot loader has died, is there any way i can rewrite the bootloader, or does it look like a whole new board.

Incidentally if the bootloaderhas died cani get just a replacement chip with the boot loader on it ?


A bootloader is code. Code doesn't die. You may have overwritten the bootloader (unlikely), or you may have damaged the chip that the bootloader is loaded on (much more likely).

With a programmer (google knows all), you can re-write the bootloader code to the chip, if it was trashed by your code (unlikely). Or, you can get a new chip (with bootloader already loaded) if you damaged the chip (likely).

What was the Arduino doing prior to it's untimely demise?

I powered down the board then came to use it the next day and nothing.

so not sure how the chip could have become damaged.

Replaced the chip and it still wont do anything. looks like the board it'self has died.

initial power on has a quick flicker of tx/Rx then wheni try to upload it had a solid L light to signify loading and does 1 or 2 flickers of Tx and fails every time.

Tried installing a fesh copy of arduino in 2 different laptops and the same problem each time..

looks like a new board is needed.


looks like a new board is needed.

Maybe, you can test out the board independently from the processor chip. Remove the processor chip. Wire a jumper between pins 0 and 1. Connect the board to your PC, it should 'recognize' the connection. Open the Arduino IDE, select the proper comm port, then open the serial monitor IDE function. Now anything you type in the monitor's transmit window should echo back to the monitor's receive window.

If that test fails, then the board has a problem. If it works that only leaves the on board crystal and/or the processor chip as possible problems.


new processor chip arrived today (+1 spare). plugged it in and it worked straight away so it was definately the old chip failing for some reason.

Thanks for the help.