bootloader not installed?


i just got my new usb-arduino board yesterday but there is a problem with the bootloader i think…

installed the drivers and the usb to serial stuff and every time when i want to uplaod i got this message:

Programmer is not responding.

the RX-led is just blinking for an veryvery short moment… then nothing… and yes the settings in “tools” are correct and i use com5

so i put a foot of a led in i/o13 and one in gnd an pressed the reset button… nothing happens to the LED… this means the the bootloader isn’t installed correctly… or not??? shouldnt it be preinstalled on the chip?

if the missing bootloader is my problem how can i manage it to get it on the chip…?

Here's a quick answer from a newbie:

The new Arduino USB boards already have a built-in LED connected to pin 13, so you shouldn't have to use an external one. In fact, having BOTH LEDs being powered is perhaps the problem.

Try removing your external LED and resetting the board.

The on-board LED is next to pin 13.

To answer some of your questions:

Yes, the bootloader should already be on the chip. Where did you get the arduino board from?

If the bootloader's on the chip, pin 13 should go high (the LED should light) for less than a second when you press reset. Actually, this should happen immediately after you release the reset push-button.

Rx and Tx will blink for about 1 second when you power the board, but not on resets.

There should be a PWR LED on continually, indicating the board has power.

See also this Troubleshooting page on uploading:

if the missing bootloader is my problem how can i manage it to get it on the chip

Later, you can read this: But I'd start by assuming it's already on the chip.

ok… the led onboard(13L) is doing his job correctly…

my colleagues and i ordered 9 boards and we have the same problems with 3 of them…

don’t know… maybe it’s is just a wrong or defect version of the bootloader on it ? or rather connection problems…

we’ve tried everything and searched in the forum for hours… but without success :frowning:

ok… the led onboard(13L) is doing his job correctly…

Ok, you’re saying that when you reset the board, the onboard LED lights briefly?

That would mean the bootloader is there, the chip’s not dead, and we can move on to the communication problem.

Have you used the same computer to upload successfully to one of the working boards?
(Note that the com port may be different each time you connect an arduino).

You can also look at this thread:
Different approaches to the verify / reset / upload timings are discussed.