Bootloader problem

Hi guys.

I have a miniRambo board that I'm using on a 3d printer. It's based on an ATmega 2560 chip. I had some problems with LCD. It didn't worked until I install the Arduino Addons. See here:

Now, after I flash the board I have an error:

Bootloader file specified but missing: C:\Users\Ciprian\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\rambo\hardware\avr\1.0.0\bootloaders\stk500boot_v2_mega2560.hex

And when I hit Burn Bootloader in Arduino IDE -> Tools another error occur:

Error while burning bootloader: missing 'bootloader.tool' configuration parameter

What should I do?

That is strange they set the hardware package up that way but I don't think you need to mess with the bootloader at all. The point of installing Arduino Addons is just to have the hardware definition for the pins on the Rambo board that are not broken out on the standard Arduino Mega 2560. The bootloader has nothing to do with that.

Ok, I agree with you. This error does not affect me uploading new firmwares on the board or changing the current firmware and uploading it. What are the consequences of this error for a long term? I'm in a period of developing my own firmware for my hardware so I flash the board like 20 times per day, sometimes even more. Because I want to see how my hardware behaves when doing modification on firmware.

Write/Erase Cycles: 10,000 Flash

So 25 times a day, after 400 days you may start seeing issues with incorrect data being read back after a write failure.

What are the consequences of this error for a long term?

It only means you can't burn the bootloader with the Rambo selected in the Tools > Board menu. Since you're successfully flashing the board that mean you either already have a working bootloader on your board or you're doing Upload Using Programmer and thus have no need for a bootloader. It's highly unlikely your bootloader would ever need to be reburned but if that did happen you can just select Tools > Board > Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560 before burning the bootloader.

I'm not so pro in electronics and programming and I can't understand good enough. I can Flash my board now with Rambo selected in Tools->Boards. Before doing this I flashed my board using Arduino Mega or Mega 2560 from Tools->Boards. But at that time I didn't had Addons installed nor the board Rambo in menu. Then I made an update in Board Manager with a link so I can use my LCD. Everything was good until I selected Rambo in Tools->Boards and I flash it for the first time. After this, the Bootloader error occurs. So this error doesn't affect my firmware or the process of flashing the board. But it's there everytime I'm doing this and I see it at the end of compiling.

I don't understand. When I flashed my board on Mega 2560 it had a specific bootloader and now when I'm flashing on Rambo board it has a different bootloader? I'm sorry, my knowledges are so poor when reffering to informatics. And why I should burn the bootloader with the rambo selected? What is the meaning? How this can help me?

Just ignore the warnings. They are completely irrelevant to what you're doing and won't cause any problems for you. The person who wrote the Rambo hardware definitions did a half-assed job of it but luckily not in any way that affects its functionality for your purposes. The Arduino IDE is just telling you that some of the information in the package is wrong or missing.

This board is a Ultimachine thing so... I have also noticed you don't get all the required board files if you don't first install the 1.0 version and then update that, all from the Boards Manager. Seems a serious oversight on Ulitis part. M