Bootloader problems and a non working arduino

I tried to burn my bootloader for the first time and i failed...

i removed the atmega328 from my duemilanove bord hoping to burn the internal clock bootloader onto it. i thought i could just leave it in the board and flash it but that didnt work... now i cant upload sketches to it.

  1. if it already has a bootloader for a crystal do i need to atatch a crystal until the bootloader is flashed to an internal clock... then remove it?
  2. i only have the board (no extra atmegas or programmers) is there anyway to reset the board to no bootloader or to the original bootloader?

currently i have it on a breadboard as described in arduino to breadboard and was wondering if i need a atmega on the board itself to use avr isp?.... if not, and the bootloader is messed up, how can i fix it?

something to note: i also dont have crystals to work with... so if i need to wire it up to the breadboard with crystals... i cant

To burn a new bootloader or change fuse settings, for example if you wish to use the internal clock rather than a crystal or resonator, you need an ICSP programmer. You can use an Arduino running ArduinoISP/MegaISP but you need a working Arduino for that, complete with its processor. If you only have one ATmega processor you will need some other form of ICSP programmer such as the AVR ISP or a parallel port programmer.

thank you for your reply. so i do need a arduino board with an atmega in it to program another atmega.

now if i mess up my bootloader, is there anyway to fix it. will a simple reflash of the bootloader fix it?

also, if i have a chip that is set to work with a crystal, and i put it in a breadboard without one, set up to flash the bootloader with a non crystal bootloader, can i? or do i need the crystal on the breadboard when flashing the non crystal bootloader?

thanks for the help, ive spent hours online searching for a way to do this but ive found no good answers.


the ICSP programming method uses its own clock, so does not need a crystal.

There is a clock signal, but not for the cpu. It is used for the input shift register. If the cpu's 'master clock' source is set to require an external clock source (crystal, resontor...) and it is missing, ISP doesn't work. Been there, done that.