Bootloader Problems in "Upload a sketch to Arduino via a network"


I found a project "how to upload a sketch to your Arduino via a network" on

I have problem in the first step. I mean installing bootloader. In which directory do we put this files? On that website, this files was uploaded.
I followed the instructions. it doesn't work.

I also cannot see this board.

I use Win 7 x64 and Arduino IDE 1.6.5. If anyone solved it, please contact with me...

Thank you in advance

I think this needs to be built the same way as Optiboot, and the easiest way I found was to setup a Ubuntu LXDE (Linux) machine and install the Arduino IDE package (there may have been other packages which I forget so look on the internet). Normally I use Windows also but I did not see an easy way to run the Makefile on Windows so that is why I used Linux.

This TFTP bootloader is interesting, looking at its boards.txt file I see a hex file worth searching for... and google found it right away after looking all over the internet it was just a few directories over (haha, for some reason I found that funny).

So now you need a tool to burn the bootloader on your board, I use the AVR Dragon so doubt that will help you, just look for an ISP (Arduino had one, but I think they gave it up).

for clickable reference:

It looks like arduino-tftpboot has not been made compatible with Arduino IDE 1.6.x yet. If you want to convert it here's the necessary information: Arduino Hardware Cores migration guide from 1.0 to 1.6 · arduino/Arduino Wiki · GitHub Have you also looked at the Ariadne bootloader? That's another option for a TFTP bootloader that is already compatible with Arduino IDE 1.6.x and supports more boards. I find it pretty easy to install and use. I have a fork of it where I have added Boards Manager installation support, fixed some bugs, added support for other boards, and improved the documentation:
GitHub - per1234/Ariadne-Bootloader: Arduino TFTP bootloader for W5100 Ethernet controller(Arduino Ethernet, Ethernet Shield, etc.)
Or here is the original repository:
GitHub - codebndr/Ariadne-Bootloader: A little less unfinished TFTP bootloader for Arduino Ethernet or Arduino with Ethernet Shield
If you end up trying out my fork of Ariadne I'd be interested in hearing any feedback.

The bootloader is already made:

Unless you want it for another processor, the 328 file should be fine with UNO.

I see that the fullaware fork's boards.txt has been made compatible with Arduino IDE 1.5+(OP was referring to the freetronics fork). Unfortunately they didn't bother to change the folder structure to also be compatible...