Bootloader programming


I'm totally new to Arduino.

Is it possible to use the Atmel PICkit 4 for programming the bootloader for Nano IoT?

The background is that I want to use Arduino Nano 33 IoT during development and then implement the microcontroller and the uBlox Nina in my own hardware designs.

The Atmel Pickit 4 do support Atmel SAM devices and the SWD programming interface, but the Arduino IDE does not currently seem to support PICkit 4 for programming.

Will this be possible in near future or does anyone have used the MPLABX Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for programming Arduino Nano 33 IoT bootloader or any similar setup?

Any comments and suggestions are very welcome!

You can use Atmel Studio to burn just about anything on the SAMD21 with an SWD programmer (I personally use Jlink from Segger).

If you have a copy of the bootloader binary, then yes, you can burn that into flash