Bootloader question

Why is the 168 bootloader twice the size of the mega8 bootloader?! Originally I figured that a few minor features pushed the bootloader over the 1k limit (the mega8 bootloader was 950 bytes and the 168 was 1050 bytes or something like that.) But some closer looking shows the sizes are about 870 and 1650 bytes, respectively. The "hacking" documentation vaguely mentions minor differences, but nothing dramatic enough to justify that sort of size difference!

Dunno. I think a lot of stuff was ripped out of the ATmega8 bootloader (which used to be just under the limit - about 1016 bytes or something like that). There wasn't much motivation to try to shrink the ATmega168 bootloader since it only pays off if you can get the size under 1KB (since otherwise you need a 2 KB bootloader segment regardless of how big it actually is).