Bootloader question

Can the bootloader be used to load an assembler output file from AVR Studio or other AVR assemblers? ie the hex file?

Can the Arduino be used to learn assembly language? thanks Robert

Yes to the first question :-) I do not understand your second question :-(

The Arduino is programmed in C/C++, but one can embed assembler code in the C code.

But why? There's a reason why C/C++/C#/Cobol/Fortran/Basic etc. were invented.

thanks for the answers. I want to execute the code I write in Assembly language on the Arduino platform without buying a more expensive AVR development board. I know all the high-level languages (except Cobol) and Assembly still has it's place. Whatever floats your boat!! Assembler is used in the QuadCopter applications with the ATmega's which is my particular reason to learn it. thanks for replying!! Robert