Bootloader questions atmega328p au qtfp smd

Hi everyone,

im new to this forum but i have been checking it for the trobles and questions i have, but on this occasion i coulndt find an answer.

i recently buy an smd atmega (from mouser to mount on my smd proyects and im checking how to burn the bootloader on it.

on hardware i use an arduino uno to load the bootloader and a FTDI to load the program to the smd chip.

i could load the bootloader througth the arduino IDE 1.6.7 using the arduino ISP example everything works fine i see the burn bootloader complete message and disconect the isp. i used the arduino nano bootlader im not sure if it uses all the pins.
When i tried to program the new smd atmega328pau i load the program correctly, the blink led with a display message on the terminal and it works jus fine but when i tried to load the program with diferent delays i couldnt load the program, it tried to conect but the timeout comes out.

i also tried the complete program from Nick Gammon to burn the bootloader and it works percfectly but the same issue pop up when i tried to reprogram the new atmega.

maybe im missing to burn the bootlader after i flash it througth the isp like on the attiny programming but cant get with the answer.

i hope someone can help me. Greetings

How are you connecting your new board to ftdi adapter? Is there a capacitor on the reset pin?

you mean the capacitor on the arduino board from reset pin to gnd?

i have the blank smd atmega on a pcb i design i have the isp headers to conect them respectively to the arduino uno board ( the reset pin goes to pin 10 as mentioned on the program to load the bootloader on boths methods) then i tried to load a program with the ftdi but it only does it once.

i havent put the capacitor mention above thougth

you mean the capacitor on the arduino board from reset pin to gnd?

The capacitor in your new board. A 100nf capacitor should connect to the DTR line of the FTDI and then connect to RESET pin of your smd Atmega. Also a 10k resistor from RESET to VCC.

Ty everyone,

Today my new pcb arrived and y add the capacitor based on the lilypad schematic and i could load the programs like always.