Bootloader to Atmega 328A (40 pins) from mega adk.

hello all, I have been trying to upload bootloader to my Atmega 328a on a breadboard (40 pins one) with my arduino mega adk since 4 days now... :) but with no luck. i am completely new to arduino and have never programmed an microcontroller before. i know little about electronics but now after watching how easy it is to program arduino i started a few projects of mine. after trying out blinking led and lcd scroll i wanted to make it on external hardware (without dependency of arduino). So i started making arduino on breadboard as shown on arduino website. i have 16mhz ocillator and etc in place. I searched and again searched the internet and arduino forum but wasnt able to find the answer.

The problem is that i have a atmega 328a with 40 pins (easly available) and i am unable to bootload it. and get error everytime i try to bootload it. i have checked and rechecked the connections and getting error again an again. What should i do?

any help will be highly appreciated.

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I suppose very much that you don't have a ATmega328A but another chip. On the Atmel list there isn't a ATmega328A. The ATmega328P (the chip from the Uno R3 board) has 28 pins when in DIP case (suitable for breadboard). The ATmega1284P has 40 pins when it is in DIP case.

So, which chip do you really have?


Wow Thanks For A Quick Reply, Actually I have Two atmel Chips,

it says "ATMEGA32A PU 1304" and the Other one is "Atmega 8L"

Tried on both of them but with no luck on either one.

This is what I thought. The 32A is not the same as the 328. I burned the bootloader to a standalone 328P and 1284P. with a Uno R3 board as programmer. You can look at:

Arduino homepage:

Nick Gammon's pages:

and also in my blog:

For the ATmega1284P you can look here:

There you see how it works for non-standard chips. You will need the appropriate bootloader and some other files for your chip. I don't have any experience with the 32A. To use the arduino board as programmer strictly follow the instructions. Also be sure to always select the right board in the Arduino IDE. When you load the "ArduinoISP" sketch to your board you need to select the board you use (as programmer). To burn the bootloader into your target chip select the board type with this chip.

You could look in this forum for the 32A.


Thanks for ur Reply… will go through the sites, u referred tommorow. Lets Hope This Time It Works.