Bootloader with um232r to atmega168

I couldn't load bootloader on atmega168 with um232r, need help


I bought new atmega168, no arduino bootloader, I try to use um232r to write the bootloader, through pin 1,17,18,19 but I couldn't


Um232r is integrated circuit , usb serial , it has 24 pins ,
A, um232r DB7 to atmega168 1.
B, um232r DB5 to atmega168 19.
C, um232r DB6 to atmega168 17.
D, um232r DB3 to atmega168 18.

And I selected nano atmega168 in the arduino programmer,
and port number all from tools in programmer.
I used the usbasp,
And under the tools I used Burn Bootloader.


Usbasp , usb to ttl , I cant identify, I don’t know the difference, or is the software , help me through.

I think it's somethint with FT232R chip :wink:

I bought 3 of the um232r, so if you can refresh my mind with another tutorials , thanks

Now I tried again , under tools I selected AVR ISP as programmer , and these was response,
Error while burning bootloader.
avrdude: stk500_getsync () : not in sync: reap=0×00


You can't load bootloaders with RS232. You need ISP for that.

Ook I thought um232r has isp converter, what type of isp , how can I get It


Thanks guys you've been so easy and kind.