Bootloader wont burn

I have an arduino uno make special edition with which I have been having issues uploading sketches. I have scoured forums and websites far and wide and thought I determined the issue. I noticed that my onboard led wasnt flashing when I reset it, so I thought the bootloader had burnt out. So I took out my other Arduino uno and followed the steps here. When I tried to burn the bootloader and it failed. I looked through the verbose output and saw the same error that made my sketches fail uploading. Programmer not responding. Can anyone tell me what is happening here? I have suspicions that the atmega is burnt out. By the way both the arduino I was using as an ISP and the one I was trying to program have an atmega 328p. UPDATE:I have done a loop back test and my board has passed.

Did the ArduinoISP sketch upload ok to the board you are trying to use as a programmer?
You will need to go to the menu Tools, Programmer, and select "Arduino as ISP"
After you upload the ArduinoISP sketch, did you install the 10uF capacitor between GND and RST on the programmer Arduino? The negative or striped side of the capacitor goes to GND.
Double check your wiring between the Arduinos and try it again.

Or use Nick Gammon's bootload installer sketch.

I did install the 10 uF capacitor the first time I tried it, I have double checked my wiring and I am using arduino as ISP. I think I will try the sketch CrossRoads suggested.