I am trying to burn a bootloader on an Atmega8 using two Diecemila boards following the procedure described here: It doesn't work. I get the following avrdude error message: "Expected signature for atmega8 is 1e 93 07 Double check chip, or use -F to override this check." I would like to do that (use -F) but I do not have a clue where I should put this -F. Is it in the ArduinoISP code I have uploaded on the Atmega168 of the first board? Or is it somewhere in avrdude itself? But I cannot find avrdude in the Arduino 0021 download, where is it? In the "trouibleshooting section" it is suggested to check if the avrdude version is the correct one. I would like to do it but I cannot find avrdude!! In the introduction of the example "ArduinoISP" it is said: "Windows users should consider WinAVR's instead of the avrdude included with Arduino software." I have downloaded WinAVR and know I do know what to do with it, I do not know how to replace AVRdude with WinAVR??? I need a lot of help. Thanks!

I would like to do that (use -F) but I do not have a clue where I should put this -F.

No, you really don't. The message is telling you that the Atmega8 is not responding with the correct reply when queried. Telling it that garbage out is OK is not what you want to do.

Now, if you were trying to program a different kind of chip, with the Atmega8 bootloader, you might want to disable this check. If that was the case, you'd know how to disable it.

OK, fine. I don't want to use -F. But then, how do I get my Atmega8 bootloaded? Is this tutorial on how to use Arduino as an AVR ISP not telling everything? Should I do something special to my Windows Vista? Is it giveio or another patch which is missing? Thanks for your help!

Make absolutely certain you have the wiring correct.

Board 1 is a Diecimila with an Atmega168 already with a bootloader (the led is blinking on reset). Board 2 is a DFRduino Duemilnove on which I set the Atmega8 with no bootloader on. Pin 11, 12 and 13 of the two boards are connected to one another. Pin 10 of board 1 is connected to the reset pin of board 2. 5v and gnd pins are wired together.
I have opened the ArduinoISP sketch from the “Examples” menu. I’ve selected the “Arduino NG / older Atmega8” from the “tools” menu and the last port. Then I click on “burn bootloader/with Arduino as ISP” and I get the avrdude error message.
Have I done something wrong?
Thanks for your help!
PS: I am using Windows Vista