Bootloaders, FTDI and ICSP

Some comprehension question:

(1) Before I can program via FTDI a bootloader must be installed, right?

(2) A bootloader can not be installed vie FTDI, right?

(3) A bootloader can only be installed via ICSP, right?

(4) Can I also upload a sketch via ICSP utilizing the bootloader?

(5) Can I upload a sketch via ICSP without a bootloader?

(6) If I can upload a sketch without a bootloader, where is it stored on the ATMEGA? Is it stored in a different memory area compared to when it's uploaded with a bootloader?

  1. Correct. A Programmer is needed, connects to the ICSP pins (Reset, SCK, MOSI, MISO)
  2. Correct - it can be done, but is painfully slow. Select FTDI pins connect to the ICSP pins.
  3. Yes - but see #2.
  4. Yes - that's the normal method with the IDE. Code is provided to bootloader controlled Serial pins.
  5. Yes - it overwrites the bootloader, and the sketch starts quickly right after a Reset finishes. A Programmer is needed.
  6. Sketch with no bootloader loads in the space that would have been bootloader. Ideally the fuses are set so that there is no bootloader memory, it is all free for the sketch.

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