Bootloading A blank Mega 2560

Would bootloading a Mega2560 on a standalone board be the same as a 328? Aside from the wiring difference could i just use the Arduino IDE burn bootloader option ? and why on earth does this site say it cost over $700 dollars? and next to it there is a similar one for 16 bucks, i know which one i would go for, also is the pin out the same as the chip used on the older mega, because when i go to the Mega page on the arduino site it has a link for the pin out of the 2560 but it asks for a password so thats not much help

probably something wrong with that site on digikey its ~18$ on mouser 19$ probably its the same process - i don't have an arduino mega :P

Price For: Pack of 45

I’ve been looking for something like this to, i haven’t tried anything yet but I’m fairly certain you would have to line up the pins with the ones on something like the duemilanove, look at their directions to match up the pins. I am also trying something like that but have not done anything just yet. If there’s anyone who knows how to make a standalone arduino board using the ATMega2560 please post some directions :sweat_smile: