Bootloading an ATMEGA328P-AU using ARV ISP

Hi, I’m practically at the end of my tether trying to get the bootloader programmed onto my ATMEGA328P-AU IC. I designed and got professionally made breakout pcb for the SMT IC. Nothing special about it – just the IC and some tracks going to pads for SMT resistors then to holes on the edge. I also provided a possibility to put SMT 3.3V regulators (but not used at this moment).

I tried numerous tutorials/examples/websites trying to get the bootloader onto the IC using the UNO. I tried the simple method (without the 16MHz crystal) as I want a truly minimal circuit for a very simple project. None of those methods worked for me. I then got a hold of the ATMEL ARV ISP programmer (AVRATJTAGICE_MKII) and tried the tutorial spelt out in (obviously substituting the ATMEGA for my IC) and wired it all up (Again minus the 16MHz crystal)..double, triple checked. I get to the part in the tutorial "Burning bootloader to I/O Board (this may take a minute)..." then get a message “avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb"”. I went through all the AVR studio installation procedures and installed the programmer drivers. During this exercise I noticed that the ARV Studio also had options to support Arduino within their platform. I installed this add and performed the same and got exactly the same message. In the tools tab I select BOARD – ARDUINO UNO (Is this correct???) In the tools tab I select SERIAL PORT – COM3 (in my case) In the tools tab I select PROGRAMMER – AVRISP MkII In the tools tab I select BURN BOOTLOADER

What Am I doing wrong? I really am in need of desperate assistance. I noticed that the programmer LEDs are not green. Do I need to power the board with 3.3V? I assumed that the programmer will provide the power (am I correct?).

What programmer are you using? Link.

Wrong Atmel programmer- AVR ISP MKii It does not supply power, only monitors the Vcc pin.

See here:

And here:

Thanks for those links...I will certainly try again tomorrow (when I get my sanity back :~)

Does that mean if the ISP does not provide power I need to provide the power to the board?

That is correct, the AVRISP does not power the board, it just measures to see if it is powered or not.

Hi Nick,

I have tried to do the example on your first link. I think I am missing something…After making the connections and in your link under the heading “Wiring” you say “Unzip and upload that into your Uno”. I unzipped and in Arduino I clicked File–>Open–>Atmega_Board_Detector.ino then clicked the upload button. I get the following message :

Done Uploading
Binary sketch size: 16,354 bytes (of a 32,256 byte maximum)
avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

Is this correct? You then say “When you run it you should see something like this in the serial monitor”…er…sorry, I’m new and not sure what/how to do this. I clicked Serial Monitor on top RH side. It’s just blank. I changed the baud rate as suggested. Then? I think I’m missing on how to go from here or enter something in this window. I’m surely not getting the Board Detector Output. I tried to put the “Alternate Clock Source” as well and get the same message as above.

You have two devices here, right? The Uno which is being used to program, and your chip. You should be able to upload a sketch to that (the Uno) or something is seriously wrong. After uploading you should be able to see output from the Uno (at 115200 baud) in the serial monitor. Then try connecting it to the chip being programmed.

SOLVED! Thanks Nick. I removed the target board/IC and discovered that the same error message comes up. I googled the error message and lead me to a few options to try. I appears that the COM port settings did not detect the USB/UNO. I unplugged the USB and reconnected, then set the COM port to a different port then changed it back to the ‘real’ port being used. This then worked.

The bootloader is on my board/IC now. Thanks a lot! Now to transfer the sketch.