Bootloading an ATMEL328P by using Arduino-Uno

Hello everyone,

I have a difficulties in bootloading an ATMEL328P by using Arduino-Uno. Generally speaking about my problem that; I follow some steps which is from Instructions for bootloading placed in Arduino Website as follows:

1-Connect your UNO to PC with USB and;
1.a- Select your Arduino Model (in this case Genio Uno)
1.b- Check your COM Port
1.c- Set your Programming Mode to Arduino as ISP
1.d- Select ArduinoISP example code from Examples link
1.e- Upload to Arduino-Uno
1.f- Cut your Arduino USB connection
2- Now, the necessary pin connections can be connected to Arduino with ATMEL328P for SPI communication.
3- Open your Arduino code you built
4- Settings;
4.a- Set Board to Nano
4.b- Check COM Port and set to ATMEGA328P
4c.- Click Burn

All these steps are performed correctly, but we have only the Blink Operation which you know example Blinking ON/OFF LED in D13.

How can I Burn ATMEGA for the program written by me what I want.

The Tools > Burn Bootloader operation sets the fuses according to the Nano hardware definition and then flashes the bootloader file to the microcontroller. It sounds like now you want to upload. The standard way to do this is via a TTL serial communication with the microcontroller. That's the purpose of the bootloader. So usually you would connect a USB to serial adapter module or cable to your ATmega328P as shown in the "Programming a sketch" section of this tutorial:

If you don't have a USB to serial adapter then the other option is to use your Arduino as ISP programmer to upload to the ATmega328P. You can do that via the Sketch > Upload Using Programmer menu or by holding shift while you click the Upload button. Note that when you do an Upload Using Programmer it erases the bootloader so if you want to later do uploads over serial you will first need to repeat the Tools > Burn Bootloader process.