BootLoading Atmage128 using arduino as isp problem

evening arduino guru’s
couple of weeks ago i planned to bootload a newley purchased atmega128 64pin chip after soldering it on a pcb and conected the basic circuit with external 16Mhz crystal and taking in consideration the spi programming pins…yet i failed to succeed with the uploading bootloader process < attached dumb file>
for the bootloader used i followed the link to make it
when i use the avrdude through terminal the chip is recognized without errors verifiyng the correct signature (good sign that my circuit is ok i guess :roll_eyes: )
been looking for answer for this issue and i am nearly goin nuts ! yes there might be plenty of wonderful chips out there but i lacked the experience when i bought it back then now i have no idea what to do with it

dumb (35.2 KB)

BootLoading Atmage128 ...

You mean an Atmega1280?

I think my sketch on this page will upload a 1280 bootloader:

(Near the end of the post it mentions it).

no i mean Atmega128 here's the data sheet: i dont know if your post gonna help but i'll have a look and tell you thanks for the reply though ;)