Bootloading atmega328p-pu capacitor question

Hi there,
I have purchased some parts for my new Arduino project. It involves the bare minimum components for boot loading, and making an atmega328p-pu function normally. For this, I am using a 16mhz crystal, 2 metalized capacitors rated 22pf, 10k resistor between reset and vcc on the board. I tried boot loading the atmega328p-pu, to no avail using a separate preprogrammed Arduino uno device. I checked the wiring, the code, and did the most that was possible to get it to work, but to no avail as well. Do metalized capacitors not work for the boot loading process for the atmega328p-pu?

I didn't know that metalized capacitors for 22pF existed. Can you show a photo of your ATmega with the wiring ?

What do you mean with bootloading ?
Do you use a Arduino Uno as programmer to burn a bootloader or a sketch into the ATmega ? You can start to burn a sketch that blinks a led. If that works than you can burn the bootloader into it.
Tutorial: Gammon Forum : Electronics : Microprocessors : How to make an Arduino-compatible minimal board.

Connect all the GND pins to GND.
Connect all the VCC and AVCC pins to 5V.
Keep the circuit with the crystal and the 22pF close to the ATmega.
Used decoupling capacitor(s).
Do not shortcut AREF to VCC.
and so on...

Here is a photo of the circuit that I have attempted to build. The viewing position and the wire position aren't the best, but yes I am using a Arduino uno as the programmer going to the blank chip. I try to burn the bootloader to the chip, and it fails every time.

Your photo upload failed. If the picture isn't the best, why not re-shoot it? Did you look at the link in reply #1? Does your board have the same wiring? Can you post a diagram?

I tried boot loading the atmega328p-pu, to no avail using a separate preprogrammed Arduino uno device.

What is the symptom of "to no avail"?

My guess is that your Arduino UNO is resetting. After uploading the File->Examples->11.ArduinoISP sketch to your Arduino UNO, put a 1 to 10 microfarad capacitor on your UNO between the Reset (+) and Gnd (-) pins. This absorbs the reset pulse that comes from the PC when an upload starts.

This drove me crazy for months when it happened to me.