bootloading ATSAMD21

I am trying to make a pcb for my projects built around the ATSAMD21G18A-AU and I was reading about the issues people have been having to bootload the MCU. I have read through a lot of these threads on bootloading ATSAMD21 however they are mainly all old and conclude the same point; the Atmel ice (no short of £70) is the only solution. If it comes to it and there are no other solutions I will have to redesign my board or just buy the ice.
Before I make that decision I wanted to check if there is anywhere here who has had success bootloading the atsamd21 with a cheaper alternative to the ice? or perhaps there is somewhere I can get the ice cheaper than £70.
Any response will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the link!

I've been using a PICKit4 (~$50) to do bare-metal programming/debugging of my SAMC board.
I feel like the PICKit4 has a more secure future that the Atmel ICE.

It needs adapter cables/boards, which are annoyingly expensive from Microchip, but at least the programmer-side connector is easy to deal with.

PS: don't ask about the SAMC board itself. SO MANY MISTAKES.