Bootloading & Programming breadboard arduino

Hi all,
long story short, having been working with arduino for a few years, I've now got a few projects, I want to make standalone. I've made some PCB's (with 28pin dip sockets) for these projects, and since timing isnt an issue, I've followed the advice from Arduino To Breadboard minimal circuit instructions (bottom of the page) and am now at the point of burning the bootloader and writing the program to my chip.

Tl;dr? summery and question below

I want to burn a bootloader to a (currently blank) atmega328p-pu, and then upload a sketch. The instructions I found way to use my current arduino (uno r3) as an ISP. But I was just wondering if its possible to just swap the chip out my uno and use the "Burn bootloader" in the IDE, to burn the bootloader and upload sketches?

Another question, if I burn the bootloader with the arduino as ISP, can I then just pop the chip into the arduino to program it with a sketch?



It is possible to take out the chip from the Uno, replace it, and then burn the bootloader to the new chip.

It is possible to take out the chip from the Uno, replace it, and then burn the bootloader to the new chip.

Ah brillient. Time to get my 28 pin ZIF connector for my arduino then :smiley:


Er, a chip can't burn its own bootloader. So you can't remove a chip, put a blank one in, and then use the blank one to burn itself. You need extra hardware.

You are better off using your Uno with its existing chip, and use that to burn the bootloader on your raw chips:

I have just followed Nick's excellent article to which he links and uploaded his bootloading sketch which works great!

I only had two issues.

  1. The sketch interacts with the serial monitor at 115,200 baud, the default however is 9,600. (Not an issue as you can just change it in the serial monitor)

  2. I connected up my CH340 incorrectly afterwards and could not upload till I fixed it.

The moral of the story is that Nick's methods do work, and work well, so give it a try, it is not difficult!

Right, I kinda knew that it wouldnt be that easy... I just hoped that it would. I actually had it in the back of my mind that the usb to serial converter might have an additonal bit of hardware in that that could program the bootloader...

thanks for the link :slight_smile: I'll keep that in mind, I'm also looking at a uno ISP shield too

You can program the Uno to be an ICSP programmer, use it as that for however long you need it then put a different sketch on it. So you already have a programmer you don’t need to buy another one…