Bossa Program port arduino due

Hi all,

I Just received and installed my Arduino Due on WinXP SP2 (not a clone)
Arduino Due Programming Port COM8 is ok
Bossa Program Port COM10 is ok
I see all board options into arduino tools menu.
A sketch is loaded successfully (blink led test)
Bossa Program disapear from active Ports COM & LPT when first sketch is loaded
When loading an other sketch using SerialUSB function I am not able to use the serialUSB port.
Fot sure the Arduino due Native USB port is no more existing in active port.

What is going wrong ?
Thanks for your help

I have the same problem, keep browsing the forum and still don't get it

Hello there!

Try to reboot your Arduino after plugin by USB.

This issue could be because of old schematic Arduino.

The task described here Проблемы плат Arduino Due. Варианты решений. На что обратить внимание при покупке but unfortunately in Russian.
So you could download the needing .hex file to upload new firmware to the controller via another Arduino.

The instruction for uploading is here Arduino - Upgrading16U2Due

Hope, this will help!