BOSSAC not recognizing some Due's


While trying to debug a stuck lock-bit, I have been directly using BOSSAC, both the newest version and the version that comes with Arduino Due.

On the board that is misbehaving, I am able to communicate via BOSSAC.

On 2 other boards, BOSSAC cannot detect the boards. I can flash the other 2 boards using the Arduino IDE, but cannot access these boards directly via BOSSAC (either version of BOSSAC).

Any Ideas?

For background, my one Due that is working well with the Arduino IDE is connected through COM4 Programming Port.

In Command Line, I enter and receive this:

\Local\Arduino15\packages\arduino\tools\bossac\1.6.1-arduino>bossac -p COM4 -i
No device found on COM4

The weird thing is, when I enter this command, some of the LEDs I have attached to digital I/O pins blink real fast.

I still have no idea why the Due with the locked flash (which prevents me from writing to it) is able to communicate with command-line BOSSAC.

Please help!

Update - I have flashed the new board with the same software that bricked my old board.

The DueFlashStorage library seems to be somewhat faulty, and did cause the new board to set the lock bits.

Then (magically), BOSSAC was able to find the new board, and showed that FlashLockRegion 16 was locked. However, I was able to unlock the lock using

bossac -p COM14 -u

It's pretty much a crap shoot whether or not the library will set the lock bits.

It still doesn't explain why I was initially unable to use Bossac to communicate to a brand new board.

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