Bottle sensor on glass shelf

Hope im wiriting in the correct Category now but ive started building a liquer cabinet with glass shelfs and im trying to figure out if i can sens when a specific bottle is picked up to address leds etc.

I have a few arduinos and proximity sensors but the sensors i have does not help in this matter. I want to minimize clutter on the glass shelfs. Is this the sensor im looking for ( or are there any other ones? ideas?

The lightning with addressable leds and sensing door opening are the easy part here i think. But im stuck with if i can sense specific bottle being taken.

Hope someone can point me in a direction, perhaps to a similar project where i can get ideas from.

Bottle covers a light sensor.

Proximity sensor above or below the bottle.

RFID tag stuck to the bottle with a reader.

Webcam with some neural net training.

Webcam with simple image processing.

A capacitive sensor may work.

The force sensors at the other end of your link should work.

Pick your poison.