Bought an ili9486 for an arduino mega, unfortunately can't reach sd card reader

I recently bought this lcd for an arduino mega. I ran all the tests from the library and it works like a charm! Then I tried running the examples for the SD card reader integrated in the lcd. It failed every single one. I found out arduino mega's use different SPI busses. On an arduino uno this lcd works great, also with the sd card reader because the lcd connects to pin 10 to communicate with the sd card reader. However, to communicate with the sd card reader on the arduino mega it should communicate with pin 53, not with pin 10. Given this is a shield I cannot change it. Is there a way I can use the sd card reader for the arduino mega? Any help would be so much appreciated!!

Edit: For some extra info, I was using the SPI and SD library in order to reach the SD card reader.

You have a Blue Mcufriend-style Shield.

Install MCUFRIEND_kbv and Adafruit_GFX via the IDE Library Manager.

Run showBMP_not_Uno.ino from the examples. Follow the instructions to configure SdFat library. The v2.9.9 Release shows how to do SdFat v1.x.x
But the current Beta shows how to do SdFat v2.x.x e.g.



I want to massively thank you for your reply!! I can finally call data from the SD card! Now it's just a matter of looking at the example code to get strings out of a txt file on the sd card! Thank you so much!!

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