Bounce tutorial

I’m trying to use the code below but when I try to verify it, it says ‘Bounce’ does not name a type with Bounce bouncer = Bounce( BUTTON, 5 ); highlighted

#include <Bounce.h>
#define BUTTON 2
#define LED 13

int ledValue = LOW;

// This example changes the state of the LED everytime the button is pushed
// Build the circuit indicated here:

Bounce bouncer = Bounce( BUTTON, 5 );

void setup() {

void loop() {

if ( bouncer.update() ) {
if ( == HIGH) {
if ( ledValue == LOW ) {
ledValue = HIGH;
} else {
ledValue = LOW;

Have you installed the Bounce library correctly?

Good question.. in the arduino playground it says "Put the Bounce folder in "your Arduino Sketch Folder/libraries/"." I'm not really sure where that is.. I'm using a mac and I can't find my Arduino Sketch Folder?? Any idea how I can do it... Thanks for your help :)

Figured it out!! :) thanks anyway AWOL!