Box for Arduino?

Are there any pre-made boxes for the arduino? I’ve got a project with a couple switches, a LCD and a big plug for wires, and the box needs to be large enough for a couple shields I’ve got in there as well. I found someone that made a small box for just the arduino that is on the right path, but I want a larger box:

Something like this?

There have been a few threads in the "Bar Sport" and "Exhibition" forums in the last few months about enclosures that folks have made for their systems.

Even if you don't use any of the ideas, it's worth searching for them: some are really clever and/or amusing.


I usually make boxes and cases out of wood. Easy to make and change as needed. The downside is the wall thickness.

Pictures of some of my cases are at --

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@jluciani Those are gorgeous boxes.

I use wood a lot too, having grown up in a wood shop and all ... but usually I make mine out of thin plywood, which has a nice veneer face on it so it doesnt look like dumb ole plywood

@jluciani Those are gorgeous boxes.

Thanks. The wood was free. Oak from my backyard, maple from the front and mahogany from a dumpster ;)

I use the CAD files to create milling templates for the router.

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That box looks good, I'll probably use that for my prototype. If I make this a commercial product I'll probably have to pay for the specific box I need to be made. I'll need a big plug for the "mass 'o' wires" that I have now, maybe a 100-pin connector or something.