Box for Nano or Micro

Can anyone suggest a box for a Nano or Micro, perhaps some sort of candy container. Kinda like the Altoids tin for the Uno, but smaller to fit the Nano or Micro without a whole lot of excess space. And that can be sealed up with some silicone to make it weather resistant. Will be used to drive some pixel strips.
No, I don't have a 3D printer.

Something from Hammond?

Would some pvc pipe with some end pieces work?

Hmm, yes, PVC pipe would work, although was thinking of something even smaller and more box-y like a gum container (but which kind?) Such containers are often translucent or thin enough that the on-board LEDs would be visible. I have used M&M minis containers before but trying for something even smaller.

look in the pharmaceutical section. plenty of pill bottles, toothbrush holders, et cetera.