boxing bag

hi i am designing a boxing bag that has 6 target and i am going to be using a flex force sensor and 6 led ring to make a reaction based training game for boxing people, so all 6 target's lights will come on at different sequence or combination in this case and the person has to react by hitting then on screen it tells you reaction time on each punch. is there anyone who could help me code this please. thank you.

Is this a commercial project or just for personal use.

What do you have already in terms of hardware. Some links would be good so we can see what you already have to be able to guide you on how to build this.

You have posted in a forum where people expect to be rewarded for their work, just so that you dont get offended if people ask what your budget is.

So what is your budget :slight_smile:

Cheers Pete.

not much, about £30-40.
so far i got 7 force sensitive resistor: Force Sensitive Resistor - Square - SEN-09376 - SparkFun Electronics

1 of this:

1 of this: SparkFun Analog/Digital MUX Breakout - CD74HC4067 - BOB-09056 - SparkFun Electronics

8 x EL Wire - Blue Retail - RTL-11425 - SparkFun Electronics

dose that help? got lots of wire and leds as well.

How durable are your resistors? Have you considered what would happen to them after getting punched a lot? Have you taken any steps to deal with the mechanical issues?

they are quite durable, since they are going to be sitting in middle of two foam, but i want this to work so i can later swap out the sensors to something more heavy duty.

Why not use accelerometers they are cheap enough to place multiples on a boxing bag and when you hit you could determine the region that was hit by analyzing the signals from the sensors. I worked on system in the past that would subject MEMs sensors to very high-G impacts and we never lost one of the sensors. The accelerometers will be able to sustain the impacts, the weakest point for either method is probably the wired connection attaching to the board itself.

or even piezo strips, you will need to condition the output as it can get quite high but a simple resister and zener diode clamp to keep it below 5v will do you. the pulse will be quite quick but not too quick to be caught by an interrupt set up for edge detection

Yes, I thought about Piezos but thought that with 3-axis accelerometers it would be easier to determine where the bag was hit.

Maybe, maybe not I have not given it a lot of thought.