Braccio Shield Bricked my UNO

Good morning. Thanks in advance for your help.

I have had the Braccio for a few months now. However, I had been using my UNO for another purpose for a few weeks, and so I have not used the Braccio for some time.

Last night, I attempted to use the Braccio. I connected the motors as per the instructions, and installed the Braccio shield on the UNO (also as per the instructions). To my surprise, I was not able to upload to the UNO anymore. I disconnected the UNO from the Braccio shield, and attempted to upload a program to the UNO standalone, and the problem persisted. I get the following error:

"avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00"

From what I've read, this means that the ATMega might have been damaged. I am confused as to how I could have damaged the UNO with the shield. There was nothing else connected to either the Braccio shield or the UNO. Any ideas as to something I may have done wrong?

If I left out any pertinent information, please let me know, and I'll be glad to submit this information.

Thanks again