Braccio Shield Error - Red LED


I've completely assembled my Braccio arm, connected up all the motors and installed the Braccio libraries, but I cannot run testBraccio90 as the red motor error light is lit up on the shield and I'm not sure what's causing the error.
I have connected the power supply that comes with the kit to a multiplug socket
Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

Hello Sapna7,

Thank for sharing your issue with the Arduino community.

First of all, I would suggest to make sure all the connections are right. The Braccio shield has two columns of connectors: One is ORANGE (labeled OUT), there is where all servos must be connected to the corresponding motor output on the shield. The white column of connectors (labeled IN) one is not used to control the Braccio.

Then verify that Arduino board is also connected to power and shield properly inserted in the I/O pins.

Next, ensure that the supply voltage for both Braccio Shield and Arduino UNO is 5V.

If that still did not work, check that the sketch was uploaded properly to your Arduino board.

It would be useful know a bit more:

  • What Arduino board are you using?
  • Did it work before?

If none of that works please contact Arduino Technical Support or let us know here to raise a ticket and investigate further.

I hope this helps!