Brake Controller Project

Does anyone have any good links or information on how to make a proportional trailer brake controller? I am trying to find information on how to do this, and plan on using the uno with accelerometer for this project. Granted it would be easier just to buy one but whats the fun in that?

From what I have read proportional brake controllers use the rate at which the tow vehicle is stoping and uses that rate to apply the same amount of brake pressure on the trailer brakes.

Courious If you got anywhere with this. I would like to build one of these. I know its an old thread but after playing around a little with my daughters microbit It seems like it should be a neat project. As you said you can buy one the trouble is for my application I done exactly need one and the one I would like to install is $250. I want one mounted on the trailer. I can build it from off the shelf components but thats not the same.

You are right, that’s not the same. Because they put huge amounts of engineering into proper power management, proper fail safes. Don’t go one the road with other people with safety gear you designed yourself.