Brand New NRF24, Broken?

Hi I am new on this forum, i already play with arduino to make small simple things,
I just bought 2 NRF24 with the small base, i already have 2 arduino at home, one Mega 2560 and Pro Micro 5V.
I try to make a simple comunication, with some simple code i found on the forum.
Just to understand how its work.
Ex: - the hello world tuto

But nothing appen, even if i invert the tx and rx programe. the only thing i change in the program its the pin number for CE and CSN, and sometime i try the setPALevel to LOW.

I saw cople time a problem about the power of the NRF24, so i am using a external power suply with 3.3V for the NRF24.(these a red light on when i put power) I am to scare to put 5 V on the base, cause i saw dont do it, but on the pdf of the device they said 5V tolerence. so i dont want brake it. i dont took chance.

About my MicroPro i read something about i have to use Spakfun plugin to compile the code. I usely use leonardo device, but after lot of test, i give a chance to sparkfun but no diference.

My antena are a bit close cause i am doing test on my table. so i try to put the power at LOW, that make no diference. So I have no idea if my NRF24 work or i am just not able to set this up corectly. Can some one tell me wath i am doing wrong.

At begining, i was conecting the NRF24 the one with Mega, on 3,3V pin and GRN with GRN on the arduino, so i can put them a bit far, But no result yet, those thing look simple, i dont know what i am doing wrong.

My Setup
Mega : MISO=50

MicroPro: MISO=14

Both NRF24+Base: VCC=3.3V (External PowerSuply)

Right now the code in my arduino are the simple hello world, (first link).
The Mega is the TX and the Micro the RX.
Sorry for my bad english, Tanks in advance,
Hope i am a the right place

Has the NRF24 and the Arduino got a common GND connection ?

Did you try the 'CheckConnection.ino' example in that tutorial ?

Tank for you quick help, the problem was from my power supply, yes arduino and power supply use the same GND.
I put 5V in the base of NRF24, and its work. Now the hello world , and the simple TX work like a charme.

Tank for your help
Hope its not the wrong thing

Not the wrong thing at all
Good luck with your future projects

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