Brand new to Arduino and can not upload to board

I am very sorry as I am sure it is me but I got this for my son and I am NOT a computer person. We have Windows 10. We have completed the communicating with Arduino parts and see the windows from file>Examples>Basic>Blink and have selected Tools>Arduino Uno board. The next step of UPLOAD does not work. We have changed USB ports on the computer but it still reads the same error. The lights on the board are working, Green on, but that is it. Every time we try to upload is fails. Please help Me!!

Do you have an error message?

Have you selected the correct port (Tools -> Port)?

It gives me the green bar at the bottom and then the red UPLOAD Failed and the link for this forum to ask questions.

I have not selected a port though. I will assume the ports on the laptop are labeled and I can select one?

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for your response. I really do! I have to run to work but will try tonight to select one and will let you know. Thank you


1) Disconnect the Arduino from the computer 2) Start the IDE, the look in Tools -> Ports. Make a note of any ports that are listed. 3) Click anywhere to close the menu. 4) Attach Arduino 5) Look again in Tools -> Ports. A new entry should have appeared. Select that.

If no new entry appears then the problem may be with the drivers for the board.

Thank you and it worked! When going through the "port" was not able to be chosen and I did not go back Once everything was set the "Port" was able to be clicked and chosen, selected "COM4" and it loaded right away. Thank you so much for your help. I am sure it will not be the last posting but we are very excited about learning this. Thank you again.